About Me

Hi there! I'm Katie.

I began writing this blog in April of 2010 (after being inspired by Holding the World in a Paper Cup) when I felt stuck in certain aspects of my life. Following the death of my mother, throughout the years I slowly became afraid of a lot, mostly trying anything new. Last Christmas, (as I was laying sick in bed with pneumonia) I thought: "What if I wasn't afraid anymore? Where would I go? What would I see?" I decided to write a blog about my goals and travels, knowing that it would be much more difficult to back out of them if I wrote them down.

I started off small. Going places I've never been to on my own. Driving to places by myself often. (This was a huge step, since driving terrifies me) After accomplishing those goals, I decided to take on some new ones. HUGE ones. My major goal was to move out. My second biggest goal was to travel. In February, I got ready to move into a house with my friends. By April of 2011, I knew there was just one more thing to do. With encouragement from my dad, I took the plunge and--following a brief weeklong stay in Orlando with a friend--planned my 3 month long stay in Hawaii.

Hawaii changed my life tremendously. Thanks to erasing my fears through travel and this blog, I now have friends from Hawaii and beyond--and I've just begun a freelance writing career. Follow along as I begin more journeys. Who knows? Maybe we'll be friends too. :)