Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Term Plans.

My life has completely shifted as of late. But after a few days of feeling sorry for myself, I've decided to take the bull by the horns. (What's the fun in feeling sorry for yourself anyway?) I've been on an intense job hunt, as well as finalizing my travel plans. (I'm hoping one or the other doesn't collide.)

I've applied to a company (that shall remain nameless) that gives a great base salary, as well as insurance. I've applied to other places as well. The max I'm giving myself is two years to get on my feet and get the ground running. I'm not staying in New Jersey. (With an unenployment rate of 10% and the cost of living rising dramatically, I'm not sure I could ever move out of my parents house at this point) I'm moving out of state to a quieter (and CHEAPER) area, with a more laid back lifestyle. I defnately need it.

I have a savings. I know I need a newer car. A plan is finally building in my brain, I can feel it. I'm excited, but a little nervous too.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Up, Up and away...

Well it looks like the first place I'll be going to is...drum roll please...Florida! The last time I went to Florida, I was an 11 year old sprout and beyond thrilled that I was going to Disney World. No Disney World trips this time. Instead I'll be heading to my best friend's new rental. I haven't seen her in a few years, (not since she got married actually) and have yet to meet her (now 2 year old) son Ethan. I haven't worked out the details yet, but I'll be having plenty of adventures on my own as well as some girl time, so that's a plus.

Meanwhile, I headed out with a good friend of mine Friday night. Since the death of his brother, my friend has been in a bit of a funk. (completely understandable of course) It's been a month since he died, but instead of sitting around moping, we decided to do something he was completely in love with: Go to the county fair. Two years ago, I remember winning a Spiderman poster for him at that same fair, and he practically burst over his prize. Not to mention he wanted to go on every ride, see every show and play every game. This time around, it felt weird that he wasn't there with us. I was determined however to get my friend out there and to have a good time. My friend was reluctant in the beginning to do anything (his logic was that if his brother could no longer enjoy life's simple pleasures, why should he?) I understood his reasoning, but I couldn't allow him to sit there and punish himself. Finally (and bravely I might add), he allowed himself to have a good day.

The only thing I refused to do was go on the Ferris Wheel. Last year a kid thought it would be awesome to swing the seat we were in as we were high in the sky. No thanks. Sure did look pretty in the dusk though.

I just had to take a picture of Llamas. I love them so much. I've always been fascinated with them since I was a little girl. I wanted one for the longest time as a pet. "where would we put it?" Mom would ask. "In the yard!" I'd reply. Of course it would work. Of course.

After ice cream, a smile like this always appears on my face.

I'm unable to go on a lot of rides, due to back surgery I had as a kid. (I have a metal rod in my back...I'm almost proud to say I'm a human conductor) but that doesn't mean I couldn't enjoy taking pictures of my friends on the rides:

I can't wait to get a camera (an AWESOME camera, like a canon). I'll have much better pictures up then, especially for my trip. All in all, we had an awesome night. I hope we're able to have many more.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I don't want to do this, but I just might have to.

Let me start off by saying that I love my dog. I got him as a beautiful ball of white fluff from a breeder, who breeds poodles and cockapoos. I wanted a cockapoo after endless research last year led me to believe that they were great with kids and social dogs. At ten months old, my puppy has been anything but friendly to many. Oh sure we go on nice walks and have our cuddle time on the couch, but ANYTHING could set him off and that mood changes in a bipolar instant. The sweet moments are becoming few and far between. I try to make sure that he has everything he needs. I took him to training class beginning at 9 weeks and continued with it and (still) work on it everyday. I brush him everyday, bathe him regularly, am always trying to play with him. He goes on walks three times a day. I feed him Halo. I take him to the dog park every weekend. I've socialized him with every person within a 50 mile radius. But, I've finally come to the conclusion that something is very wrong. When his agression issues began (gaurding paper, growling and snapping) I worked with a trainer ASAP to try and curb it. But starting last week, it got alarmingly worse.

The first time was when I got on my knees to clip his leash on. Noah bit my hand. HARD. It put a small hole between my index finger and my thumb. I came to the conclusion that it was my fault (maybe I startled him) I told him "OW! NO!" and he backed off. The second time was out of nowhere: He bit me while I was petting him. I put him in his crate to cool off. The third time, he bit my father as he gave Noah the drop it command while Noah grabbed mulch. On Saturday, while I was at a wedding shower my stepsister invited her friend and her little girl over for lunch. Noah let out a low, threatening growl to the 2 year old, (who made no move toward Noah and was just near her mom) and my stepmom quickly put Noah into his crate. But he continued to growl until she put a blanket over the crate. Tonight, I put my hand under Noah's mouth and said "drop it" in a calm, but firm, voice after he got in the trash. He growled low, snarled at me. I smoothed back his hair to look at his eyes, and it was like a strangers dog staring back. They were wild.

At the beginning of last week, I contacted a behaviorist, who is coming to see Noah this week. I've also been in contact with my vet, who will check Noah to see if anything is medically wrong. That's today. Noah is also no longer around children. I can't take a chance with little ones. He is on a leash with adults. I know I need more help with Noah at this point then you anyone can give, but am I doing the right things? I might be missing some steps to take? I just want to try everything I can to help my dog. I'll do so much for him.

That said, If this behaviorist or the vet can't help, Noah might have to be rehomed. I haven't told the breeder the steps I'm taking yet, but I did let her know that there is a major problem.

This is what she wrote:

"Hi Katie, So very nice of you to send me the pics and the update on Noah !
I have never had anyone say anything like this before so i am stumped but your trainer should be able to work on this issue and it does concern me that he bit you as they are very affectionate dogs."

I don't know what else to do. My dogs are my babies, but it's clear that Noah needs more help then I might be able to give.