Saturday, January 28, 2012


Recently, my dad adopted a dog from a local rescue. The rescue found this sweet girl in Puerto Rico. They believe she had been on the streets for quite some time. No one knows if she escaped from a yard, or was simply left to fend for herself.

The rescue from New Jersey found out about her situation, and she ended up about an hour away from my dad, living with a foster family. Dad and my stepmom then contacted the foster family. One thing led to another, she is. When she arrived, she was badly matted, had ear mites and was heartworm positive. (still is in fact) The rescue has been keeping up with the heartworm treatment very well and she should be okay (gradually) beginning next month. For now, Gracie can't have too much stress brought onto her or it may affect her heart. We've been keeping everything quiet and peaceful for her. The medicine also wears her out. (the vet said she'd be sleeping a lot and boy does she!) After her first night, Dad and Lynda had a mobile groomer come to the house, (one who was brought up to speed on her heart condition) and the groomer worked her magic.

Gracie loves cuddles and  just being petted. I think she knows and is relieved to be home. She's simply a sweetie.

Welcome to the family.

Monday, January 16, 2012


2011 was a bit of a crazy year for me.
I went to visit my best friend in Florida, then took an almost five month journey to Hawaii. After returning home to stay briefly at my parents house, I moved into a house with my two friends. I tried out a full time job position in sales, but it had no benefits and a very low pay, so I amicably left.

Then I got a seasonal position at a wonderful job and met fantastic people. A few days ago, that position ended, which leaves me a bit sad, but I was satisfied with the way my performance was rated.

Between working 30 to even 50 hour work weeks and driving back and fourth to my job, Brother's, my parents (which is over an hour drive now) and friends, I'll admit that I was too exhausted to keep up with my blog and it became pretty neglected. My 2012 resolution is to get back to writing again. What I've learned is that, even though I still fear the unknown, you never know what's around the corner, including good things.

I'm keeping up with my traveling vow. This time will be a little more low key (as in, not a 5 month long journey). First, I'll be stopping in Orlando to visit the bestie. Then, I'll be going on a trip to Key West
and the Bahamas.

A few changes will be different this time around. When I was on the phone discussing my plans with family, (more or less going "Wouldn't it be cool to do something like that again?") They said "Well, why not?" My stepmom will be my traveling buddy this time around. I think it's because she didn't like the idea of my driving to see a landmark or taking a road trip by myself. I don't mind though. One thing I learned last year is that I am okay with being by myself or with people. We leave February 4th. I think my family has seen how tense I've been lately. I'm glad I have them around reassuring me, telling me I can do it, championing me, and simply making me feel better. I hope I do the same for them.

I've been coming to terms with a lot of things lately, including that my CP and scoliosis may be affecting me a bit more as I age, and that I simply can't do everything I thought I could do. They've all been a big support in helping me come to terms with that.

"Katie, if you didn't have the challenges that you do, you wouldn't be the same person. It's part of who you are." said my dad.

I think he's right.