Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Looking Up!

My generous best friend wanted all of us ladies to pick out our own bridesmaid dresses for her wedding. The only requirement is that the dress needed to be a black cocktail one. After months of searching, I finally found mine...for $20 at Marshalls. I can honestly say that it's the best dress I've ever worn. It hides my "real scoliosis women have curves" look quite nicely.

Excuse the humidity hair. On another note, I got an interview at a doggy day care called Camp Bow Wow. I'm really excited because this may mean my love for humans and canines will collide. :) (The idea of being surrounded by animals all day makes me smile from ear to ear.) It's a part time job, but I feel it'll be wonderful just to get my foot in the door and get out there.

I've also signed up to be...drumroll Avon rep. Yes ladies, I will be going out and about around town (and online) selling makeup to y'all. Orientation is tomorrow, so my website isn't up yet. (nor do I have any clue with what I'm doing) I wonder if I'm able to put it up here on my blog. (if only I had more followers...I don't bite....I swear. ;) ) For the lovely follower I do have, hi there! If you ever need some makeup up in good ol' Alaska, let me know.

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  1. Yeah I can't understand why you don't have any followers either! People probably read but just don't consider clicking follow. I don't think people don't understand it is nice to actually see that they care with their little squares under that follow button.

    Congratulations on the potential job! That sounds fun. And Avon...if I need anything you'll be the first person I call. The dress looks great!