Wednesday, September 22, 2010

basic living.

There's lots of exciting things going on that I'm a bit fearful to devulge because I don't want to jinx anything. But I have a wonderful job lead that's fantastic. :)

Meanwhile, the apartment hunt is still on. Yardley is looking less and less likely. The realitor called me and while the apartment I was looking at is pretty, he's concerned that being on the third floor (with the interior made of wood and there's only two windows) is a fire hazard.

So now I'm looking across the river, in a tiny town called Florence. Ever since reading Hayley's blog, I've been thinking about my own OH upbringing, and yearing for more rual living. (It's not the Alaskan wilderness of course, but a quiet area with lots of land surrounding me and trees is what's been needed in my life) I just want a pretty area to walk in with my dog. :) Getting back to basics is a must.


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  2. Oooo, yeah you don't want to live somewhere that is hazardous. Florence sounds nice. I am anxious to hear what it is like...if you choose that town.

    Don't dream yourself too far away from home. I tell ya, there are times I can get pretty homesick here in Alaska. I should blog more about that, to keep it real, you know? And yeah, Alaska is SO rural that we dream of things like McDonalds and Applebees. Oh how I miss you grilled snack wraps with Ranch...and $1.oo menus.

  3. I'm sure it's been such a big life ajustment for you and your family. (especially growing up in the deep south, where brutal cold weather is probably something you don't experence often.)

    It would be like if I moved to Alabama. I currently live 20 minutes from Manhattan....Alabama is certainlly a long way away from Times Square. (my stepmother moved to Alabama when she was in college...on a whim. She closed her eyes and pointed to the college she would go to. She had the time of her life. :) But it didn't mean she wasn't homesick)

    Being 4,000 miles away from everything I know and love would put a pit in my stomach. I'd raise an eyebrow if you weren't homesick. Homesickness is bound to happen. You all appear to be such tough cookies though, takin life by the horns and running with it. You're going to be teaching your little daughter valuble life lessons along the way, like following your dreams and embracing life's challenges, rather than cowering from change.

    Hah! I'd DIE if Applebees wasn't in my life. My Aunt lives in Hawaii, and she says there's no Olive Garden, Applebees or Burger King. She misses them so much. To add insult to injury, she sees Olive Garden commericals on TV all the time...even though the nearest one is in California. It enrages her, hahahaha.