Monday, October 18, 2010

busy bee!

I went from 0 to 100 miles an hour and I love it.

Well, on most days. I'll admit I'm not used to getting up at 6:30 in the morning and coming home at 7pm. And gone are the days where I could avoid the biggest highway in NJ (or on the East Coast for that matter). In the morning, my new routine goes like this:

I wake up about a half hour before I'm supposed to (I inherited that from my father. You think about what time you want to wake up, and you do...trouble is, you're always nervous about oversleeping, so you end up having 5:30am on your mind)

My wonderpup snoozes in his crate beside my bed as I take a shower and get dressed. (He's SO good that way) Then, I announce "Time to get up!" to wonderpup and he emereges from his blanket and looks up sleeply...until he realizes that it's...MORNING HORAYYYYYYY and zooms out of his crate at about 50 miles an hour (usually bolting passed my hamper and stealing a sock as he does so) We go on a short walk to do his stuff, and I get pup's breakfast and fresh water set out. I make my own lunch...and then it gets tricky. You see, I guess wonderpup didn't expect his routine to change...or "mom" to be gone during the day. He's taken to following me (more like rushing to me then wrapping two of his paws around my legs) to the front door and looking out our window (paws aganist the glass, sad face, and whining) as I walk to my car.

It kills me.

My stepmother pointed out that as soon as I leave, he walks away from the window and plays with his toys contently. Go figure.

At work, I've met a wonderful group of people who meet up for breakfast and it's been nice to join them. I'll admit my job itself is hectic, but I enjoy being busy. I leave work at 6 and would be home by 6:30 if it weren't for the three construction zones that I have to drive through and bumper to bumper traffic. When I move, I want the area to be spacious and quiet. Stepmom doesn't think it's a good idea ("That's so boring and depressing!" she exclaims) but it's how I grew up and it's what I want. I'll admit, I'm surprised it's what I want, considering that when I was a kid, I hated the midwest. I guess it takes stepping back and truly looking at the positive aspects as an adult to appreciate it.

My friends have noticed that I haven't talked to them much in about two weeks. Sorry guys, I've been passing out at about 9:30.

I guess I'm an old lady now. ;)

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  1. Glad you are enjoying your new job. Wow. That is one looonnngg day. Sorry you are having to battle traffic.

    It is awesome that your wonderpup will sleep in until you are ready. He sounds really cute stealing laundry.