Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm about to go on an adventure of my own.

The house is sold! Well, almost. It has to go through inspection and all that good stuff, but I think it'll be okay. I (along with everyone else) didn't expect the house to be sold so quickly, but I'm thrilled for my parents. My life is a little up in the air at this point. I am unable to move into the rental until July at the earliest, but we have to move by April.

I freaked out a little (okay a lot) at the idea that I may be four months adrift. My aunt (visiting from out of state) and I put our heads together and came up with a solution. First, I am going to be visiting my friend, her husband, and her little boy Ethan for a week in Orlando. Then I will be staying with my aunt for several months at her Hawaii.  Auntie has lived in Honolulu for over ten years. I will mostly be alone, since she works full time and is currently going to school, but this is fine with me. I am hoping (PRAYING) to find a part time job while I'm out there to help with travel money, and I will be sightseeing like crazy. You are about to see a TON of Hawaii pictures. I will admit, I'm very nervous. Money is one scary issue. So is falling on my face. The parents say I'm fine, so I'm going to take a deep breath. I had a dream last night that I blew my savings and returned home with no money left for rent. Time to budget, budget, budget.

I'll be more relaxed once I get there, I know this. Right now, moving and trip prep is underway. My things (sans some clothes, camera and laptop) are going into storage. My bed is going into my parents new place. We don't know what we're doing with my car yet, but I'll figure it out.

This blog is about to get a whole lot more interesting. Several months is a long time.


  1. OH MY GOSH!! This is totally awesome! Could there be a better plan for a single girl that isn't officially tied down to anything (except your loving parents of course)??? I cannot wait!

    My advice? Sell the car. No payment, no car insurance payment while you are gone.

    Congratulations!! Congratulations to your parents for selling the house so quickly!

  2. Thanks Hayley. :) This made me feel a lot better. Dad keeps telling me to not worry so much. Thinks I'm s little anal. I let my worrying get the best of me in this blog. ;)

    Thanks for the congrats! I'm still sending prayers your house will be sold soon. I know you'd like to move on as well.