Monday, September 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home (well, almost)

My friends and I have finally moved into our new house. :) (Well, really there's, but they say it's mine too) I feel really lucky and blessed to have my friends. I'm still searching for a job, but with all the resumes I've sent out and follow up calls I'm making, something is bound to turn up soon. I will be keeping my chin up.

The house is really great. There's still some work that needs to be done here and there, but that'll be done in due time. I would like to thank (my friend) Erin's mom, Ginny. She did a lot of work with the house, and especially my room, while I was so far away. With 6,000 miles between us, she painted my room a perfect green, refinished the hardwood floors, and redid everything. It means a lot to me. I would also like to thank my parents, who bought me all new bedroom furniture. (A dresser and nightstands were really needed in my life) I'm grateful that they let me stay at their place with no problem and told me I was always welcome, even when I felt a bit uneasy at times.

Now, it's up to me. Being on your own can be a little scary for sure (and I am a little--well very--nervous), but it's what I need in my life. I'm thankful for this new adventure, especially with the fact that I won't being doing it alone.

I'll close here for now. At the moment, we don't have cable or Internet, since we just moved in yesterday, but I will update here when we're all settled.

After five long months, I no longer live out of a suitcase. It feels good to have my own room and be in my own bed. I finally feel I can relax a little. I am home.


  1. Enjoy your new adventure! All the best with the job-hunt. The right one will be the right one!

  2. It's good to be grounded for a time. Everything will fall into place as you're able to focus your energies on what you really want.

  3. Hey Katie!! I've been out of the loop for soooo long! Glad you are no longer living out of suitcases. That is a relief I know. Good luck on the job hunt. I've been on one too. Wonk, wonk.