Saturday, January 28, 2012


Recently, my dad adopted a dog from a local rescue. The rescue found this sweet girl in Puerto Rico. They believe she had been on the streets for quite some time. No one knows if she escaped from a yard, or was simply left to fend for herself.

The rescue from New Jersey found out about her situation, and she ended up about an hour away from my dad, living with a foster family. Dad and my stepmom then contacted the foster family. One thing led to another, she is. When she arrived, she was badly matted, had ear mites and was heartworm positive. (still is in fact) The rescue has been keeping up with the heartworm treatment very well and she should be okay (gradually) beginning next month. For now, Gracie can't have too much stress brought onto her or it may affect her heart. We've been keeping everything quiet and peaceful for her. The medicine also wears her out. (the vet said she'd be sleeping a lot and boy does she!) After her first night, Dad and Lynda had a mobile groomer come to the house, (one who was brought up to speed on her heart condition) and the groomer worked her magic.

Gracie loves cuddles and  just being petted. I think she knows and is relieved to be home. She's simply a sweetie.

Welcome to the family.


  1. She looks so comfortable and like you said relieved! What a happy story :)

  2. Ohhh what a sweetie. How is she doing now? My parents adopted a dog, Jazz, she was the most beautiful dog and her owner couldn't cope with how boisterous and cheeky she was. She loved my parents and I and sadly passed away two years ago. I really miss her, but very thankful she came into our lives.

  3. Hey Carly!

    Gracie is doing MUCH better. Since writing this entry, we discovered that Gracie also had hookworm, (very deadly) whipworm and another parasite that I simply can't pronounce. Vets put her on a strong (very strong) medication to kill the parasites. The parasites are dead now, although she does have one more round of treatment. She's getting energy back into her and she now loves to eat! We've discovered she really hates her own kind though. Hah. Jazz sounds lovely. Dogs are really special aren't they?