Thursday, April 15, 2010

One small step.

Happy tax day!

How's my progress been? Slow and steady. I've begun looking at rates online to go to the west coast. Besides Hawaii, I've never been to the western states, so I'm giddy. HI International Hostel appears to be my best bet to stay. A friend of mine who traveled one summer said that hostels are much nicer then they used to be. (Although, during a hostel stay in San Diego, she told me the water smelled weird in the shower) Hey, it's all part of the experence right?

Meanwhile, an unexpected perk happened just this morning. My favorite singer Schuyler Fisk, is playing at the Living Room next Wednesday night in NYC. Having never been there alone, why not start now with my being bold and brave? I'll report back here after the show. :)

Take care for now everyone!

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  1. That is the perfect way to be bold and brave! I remember being afraid to go into restaurants and movies by myself. Just going in alone one time, was all it took. Now, it doesn't even phase me.