Friday, January 21, 2011

Mary Frances Vintage Things

So a couple of days ago, I got a package. I love mail. Ever since I was a kid I've always eagerly awaited letters, postcards and trinkets. I even entered sweepstakes to get random things. I also love vintage stores. Since the age of 15, I've enjoyed scowering local shops and supporting small shop owners.

Ever since discovering Holding the World in a Paper Cup about a year ago, I've enjoyed reading Hayley's blog and been inspired to work through my fears and try new things. The blog was enjoyable enough, but imagine my happiness when I learned of her etsy store! My love of getting mail and vintage combined! Once a week I looked at her shop to find something perfect for me, but it was a tough process through no fault of her own. You see, I am almost a elf. At 5ft tall and 95 pounds, and with a size 3 girls shoe (yes you read that right) finding vintage clothing without ever trying it on can be daunting. Finally, I found a shirt that I loved and looked like it would fit me. It was brown with a rainbow colored trim. Artsy and vintage, that was just my style. The model wearing it looked taller then I, (as much as you could tell from a picture anyway) but I went for it.

These were the results:

Wonder what it could be?

I loved (LOVED) the wrapping. Hayley takes great care in her clients items and adds sweet little touches.

Why it's my shirt!

I am not a model, but oh gosh I tried. I took three "modely" pics before I laughed and gave up.

I love, love, love the shirt! Thank you Hayley! :) If you would like to order from Mary Frances Vintage Things, please do so! The seller takes great care in making sure her clients get the items they want and everything is shipped rapidly! (I'll be writing a review on Etsy too!) Here's the address:

Much love and thanks from New Jersey!


  1. WHAT??? WHAT?!!! I had no idea that was you Katie!! You are too sweet! You are my most favorite-tist blogger friend ever! Thanks for the review. Thanks for the order! Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  2. You're so welcome! I saw all the effort you put into the package and how pretty it was and thought: "I totally should make a post about this. I love the shirt."