Sunday, July 3, 2011

You might be wondering why I've been MIA.

Or not. But I'll tell ya anyhow.

Well, first of all, I've been out and about seeing as much as I can before I leave the islands. (wow is it that time ALREADY?) Second, is this not so charming news:

My computer--one that's barely 2 years old--has sputtered on me and died. As in, deader then a doornail. I've managed to place a back up, VERY temporary disk in place, to get into programs like Windows 7, and get onto blogger if I'm lucky. Most of the time, when I turn on my computer, I get a black screen and nothing else. Also, my caps lock key keeps blinking. Don't know what's that about. The cause of this is being narrowed down, but the Geek Squad guys and a lovely Hawaiian local computer store owner both think that my hard drive and motherboard is shot. Why this has happened is unknown. Geek Squad says it'll cost hundreds to fix. (about as much as my laptop cost in the first place) Local computer owner says it can't be fixed at all, to cut my losses, and get my Hawaii pictures saved ASAP.

This is not the first problem with my laptop. (brand shall remain nameless) The first time, the hard drive crashed. Got a new computer under warranty. The second time, a virus got through my firewalls and wiped out my hard drive. Had to get a new hard drive. (not under warranty) the third time, ANOTHER virus got through my Norton and destroyed the whole damn thing. My awesome Brother-in-Law spent weeks trying to get rid of the virus, then put in a new hard drive and Windows 7. I almost feel bad to say this is now the fourth issue, since Dave put so much work into bringing Stanley back to life. (yes he has a name) Tech support wants $800 dollars to fix Stanley, and $300 for "consultation" which they will reimburse. (snort.)

I think it's slowly time to save for a new laptop entirely. Even if this guy gets fixed (doubtful honestly) I'm afraid our relationship is strained at this point. You see, I always end up footing the bill, and on top of that, he keeps leading me on into thinking he's a good computer. No sir, I am not stupid. You don't even return my phone calls.
I'm breaking up with you Stanley. It's time to move on.

P.S. I want my CD's back.


  1. Oh, breaking up with a laptop is never fun. They always steal too much of your stuff.

    Happy to read you whenever you pop a post :-)

  2. You have to tell us the brand.

  3. Ahhhhh, very well: It's an HP Pavillion Dv4. The kind I'd love to take a bat to.

  4. thanks joyful sparrow! i'll be sure to visit your blog when I manage to get on here before my screen turns black.

  5. Slickdealz gets insane listings for computers all the time. I'm so sorry to hear about your computer! If my baby crashed on me, I would flip my shit.

  6. Aw, poor Stanley. Just give him one more chance, he can change. I know he can.

    I've always stuck with Packard Bell, I find them a super awesome and reliable brand. My old desktop is still running after eight years and a virus! xx