Saturday, May 19, 2012

A little bit of Grace.

You may remember this post about my father's rescue dog.

I'm happy to report that Gracie is doing a whole lot better. She was sicker then we ever imagined. Underweight, spooked by quite a lot of things (like sounds and being alone), plagued by heart worm, hook worm and whip worm...she was a mess. Once the vet put her on (STRONG) antibiotics, she began to come around. This was a wonderful development, since my parents were going on vacation and I was going to be in charge of her for a week.

I learned a lot of things while watching this little dog make her way through illness and defeat it. One, she is tough. She had to be to survive on the street and battle what she has struggled with. Two, in spite of life's hardships, she has remained optimistic and hopeful. Gracie also loves the comfort of human beings. She doesn't ask for much. She's not a demanding creature. All she wants is your gentle presence. I'll sit on the couch and she'll slowly slide into my lap and snuggle as if to say "Thanks."

She loves children. She does her best to keep up with them until she needs a break, but even then, she silently reassures them that she is still their friend. Gracie could have easily rejected humans, and I wouldn't have blamed her in the slightest. After all, people have failed her. In spite of her abusive background, she doesn't see it this way. In Gracie's mind, everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. What I usually keep quiet about on this blog is that I've been struggling with depression. Two weeks ago, I began taking a medication that has really started helping tremendously, but also, this gentle, four legged lady has helped me through this process. She doesn't judge or care if you feel broken. She just loves you. She heals you.

Dad is beginning the process of training Gracie to be a therapy dog to kids, adults and elderly patients in need at local hospitals and I think she'd be absolutely perfect for that. I know that she has slowly healed me. After much needed TLC, it's time to go home, but I'll never forget the week I had with this little girl and I can easily say it's been a privilege. 


  1. oh my gosh...she is so cute. I would have spoiled her by now...with boxes of treats!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. Hi Momstoblog! Thanks for following! (I try to spoil Gracie with lots of treats, but ironically, she won't have any of them! She hates most treats. She only likes denta sticks. ;)

      I'll follow you back! :)

  2. Katie, I am sorry to hear you struggle with this...I do too at times so I know how hard it can be. It is good that you are trying to get better. Dogs are really good medicine. Glad to her the little Gracie is doing better.

  3. Hayley I too am sorry to hear that you struggle with this at times also. You're right though, dogs really are wonderful.

  4. She is so cute. I'm glad she's helping.

  5. Such a Sweetie! I'm so glad that you were able to help each other. Animals are very good for battling depression. Exercise is also good but I'm glad that you have some medication that makes you feel better. A lot of people go through several prescriptions before they find one that works.

  6. Thanks Fly Girl! Exercise is something I've been doing more and more of. (I'm loving Yoga) And you're right. I'm glad I was one of the lucky ones that didn't go through a long process of finding the right medicine.