Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ethan's 3rd Birthday. :)

Sunday April 17th, 2011

I had the previlage of being here to help celebrate Ethan's 3rd birthday.

This sweet, easygoing little boy loves playgrounds ("play GOWNSSSSSSS") and trains, so his awesome mommy thought: "Why not combine the two?" and decided to have his birthday at a local park. Tana was up until 2am the night before baking cakes for the party. And when I say bake, I mean bake. Tana is amazing at creating cakes. In fact, it's one of her favorite hobbies. On the day of the party, (after church) she also made Ethan "sandwiches", (his favorite) or, as we call them, burrittos. Setting up for the party was a little difficult, since it was windy (a rarity) and the balloons kept popping, but we finally found success.

Throughout the afternoon, we all took turns watching Ethan play with his friends, then we decided to get in on the action too, because hey, why not? His enthusiasm was contagious.

Ethan got a little antsy before cake time and presents. (He kept trying to open the gifts as we were setting them up, but I told him no. I know. I'm horrible, but I figured his grandparents should at least get there first. :) ) Soon, it was time to sing Happy Birthday, and the little guy just soaked it up.

The Train Cake, (I'm happy to say) was totally his. And he could eat it however he wanted to.

He chose his hands. That ah boy.

The rest of us got an (equally awesome) cake shaped like chocolate bars. Tana was going to make smaller train cars with the second cake, but it didn't turn out the way she wanted it. Oh well. I thought it was great all the same.

Eventually, he got to open his gifts. I'm happy to report that he loved them too. He got a lot of trains, Toy Story stuff and puzzles. (Puzzles are his second most favorite thing. In fact, he can put a child's 48 piece puzzle together on his own. I've seen it for myself. I was super impressed)

All in all. I'd say that Ethan had a great third birthday. Have a good one little guy. We love you.


  1. HOW RAD WAS THAT TRAIN CAKE?! :D i'm totally jealous and want a mermaid princess one myself now! lol. happy (belated?) birthday ethan!!! such a beautiful little boy he is! :D

  2. He's adorable. And I LOVE the train cake!