Friday, April 1, 2011

12 Days!


I've been trying to catch up with y'all on blog hops and such. I swear I'm getting there. We're down to the grind now. Still lots to take care of, which is why I've been MIA for a little bit. I'm mostly packed, but there's still more to do. (It's shocking on how much stuff we accumulate without even realizing it.) My friends held a birthday party for me on Wednesday, and I have a going away party with them tonight as well. My best friend is going on her Honeymoon starting tomorrow, and she won't be back until the 11th. This means I probably won't see her until I come home.

I've made a vow and you all can hold me to it. I vow to make the absolute most of of this adventure by trying all of the things I have never done before. This includes food. I'll confess that I am the pickiest eater that ever ate. (Seriously. I'm not kidding. My pallet is like a child's.) But starting this month, I'm trying new things. Every week I will blog my "New Food of the Week" entry, take a picture of new said food, followed by a picture of me eating it. (I'd do a "New Food of the Day" but come on guys. Be real. You really think I'd eat something new everyday? I'm broker then a mofo. I'd cook something new everyday, but that's just asking way too much of this lady)

Aunt Lynn says that Hawaii consists of mostly Tai restruants, so I guess I'll be trying Tai food. And that's it from here. Off for now!
PS. I'm already regretting this.
PPS Aunt Lynn also suggested I buy a moped and ride around Honolulu with it. Not rent one. BUY one. She says it's "cheaper" then riding the bus. Oh, crazy Auntie. 1) No it isn't. 2) Just how will I bring it home? Ship it? nuh huh. 3) What will I do with it when I get back? New Jersey isn't exactly "Moped" friendly.


  1. Ooh, I love food posts - I can't wait to see what you try! I bet you'll like a lot more than you think you will!

  2. New Food of the Week! What a great idea! Moped sounds fun. Maybe you can rent one for a short while anyway.

  3. I used to be scared of trying new food too. Then I met my boyfriend and he opened me up to all kinds of new foods and cultures. If you can, find someone that can order for you or ask for recommendations. You will be so surprise at what you might like.

    Buying a moped might be a good idea! You can always sell it when you have to leave. I've never been to Hawaii so I don't know what trasportation is like but in my experiences, public transport can be a pain. I kind of wish I had a moped here in Italy.

    Keep up the posts. Can't wait to read more about your trip!

  4. new follower form SITS .)Hawaii would be so fun! Take pics .)

  5. Love your blog! I just became a new follower! :) Erin

  6. Trisha, I think I will ask people. That sounds like a good idea! I hope I meet a guy one day who encourages me in stuff I might be a little nervous about. :)

    HomemomMade- I'll be checking out your blog! Thank you! I will have fun!

    Erin-Thanks for visiting! I'll check out your blog too!

  7. I don't think you could be pickier than me! I'm looking forward to your food posts, from one picky eater to another.