Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birthdays. Part 1.

My birthday is nearing. :) I'll admit it, I love my birthday. I always have. Twin Brother isn't much of a fan, which complicates things a bit, but OH WELL my dear brother. You only live once right? Making the most of it should be mandatory, even as an adult. I've never really minded getting older, but I guess that's because I've never felt my age honestly. I usually go out with friends on my birthday, but Dad and Stepmom always make sure to have a cake/family gathering on hand for us on another day, or they take us out to dinner. It's really sweet. I always appreciate it, especially since I'm closer to 30 then my 20's or teens.

Our birthday falls on a Wednesday this year. Since we're all getting ready to move (sans brothers, who already have moved) we decided to have a family party at the house. You know how there's always one central gathering place? Our house was it. Birthdays, holidays, graduations, were always at our house. Our birthday would be the last event.

Dad always puts number candles on cakes. He seems to never grow tired of it. Last year the number candles became so worn out that he went out and bought new ones this year. He was quite pleased that I noticed.

Our younger brother Dan's birthday is a week after ours. Back in the day, Mom and Dad kind of lumped all of our birthdays together into one big party, which makes me sad since I believe the poor guy got jipped. It's like having your birthday fall near or ON Christmas, like my little nephew who was born on December 23rd. Oy.

Okay, so perhaps at this point I might be a tiny bit embarrassed to have a family party. But I do like it when family comes together and hangs out, and we have quite a big one. I especially marvel at how big my nephews have gotten in what seems to be a blink of an eye. At the party, I sat back and quietly soaked it all in, watching adults chat and seeing the kids play. It was a little bittersweet. I'm excited for the next chapter, but my heart hurts a little knowing that I'll be gone for a long time. Dean and Matt will be much bigger. Three year old Matt will probably be talking a whole lot more. Holidays and birthdays will be celebrated without me being there. I'll miss Easter with my cousins this year. I'll miss my dad's birthday. I'll miss going on summer vacation to the beach with my brothers and cousins. It's a lot of change.
But at that moment, I just enjoyed it. I enjoyed seeing Dean scooting his stuffed animal "Bunny" on the floor and wondering what adventures Bunny was having in Dean's mind. I enjoyed Matt discovering his voice and wanting to tell (and show) us everything in sight.

When it came time to sing Happy Birthday, I made a secret birthday wish that we would all find our bliss no matter where we ended up. Then I let Dean blow out the candles, since he's quite an expert at it.

I honestly think 28 is going to be the best year that I've ever had. I'm looking forward to it, and to the years beyond.


  1. Happy birthday!! Looks like you had a great time! :) I am jealous I want to go to Hawaii SO bad!! It will be fun I am sure of that!! ;)

  2. Thanks Shelly! I've been to Hawaii once for ten days, but never like this! I hope you get to go to Hawaii someday, because it's really beautiful. (I was looking to comment on your blog, but my laptop seems tempermental at your sites. Stupid laptop)

  3. Oh that was very well put. Happy Birthday Katie!

  4. Happy birthday! Mine is coming up in a few weeks, too, and I have to admit that I totally love big family parties. There are a bunch of April birthdays in my family, so it's always a blast :)

  5. I'm 33 and still reeling from the lack of a family party! We always celebrated and now life has gotten in the way of that. Birthdays were days that were guaranteed to be a day of running around at Grandma's.

    Happy early birthday to you and your brothers!

  6. Happy birthday to you tomorrow!

    Haha, don't tell Dan this, but your cake with his name included is hilarious. Sorry, Dan.

  7. Well happy birthday then!!! I love that you still love your birthday. I know that as we all get older, some people loose the love to celebrate themselves and their lives. I am with you, I love birthdays, and hope you had a great one!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! I share your enthusiasm about birthdays, why shouldn't they be fun?! I'm 33 and feel like a married, with 9 yr old, dog and mortgage, 18 year old!!! You're only as old as you feel! Have a wonderful day and when you're finished celebrating if you would like to stop by that would be wonderful!!! : )


  9. happy birthday! Poor little brother, but I do that to my kids too because their birthdays are 9 days apart.

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