Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Yawk.

I had an awesome night on March 10th.

I went to see my favorite singer. Her name is Schuyler Fisk and she's an indie/folk/beachy singer songwriter. I don't know if you could put her in a category, (since she plays all kinds of music) but she sings just beautifully. I've been a fan of her music for a number of years. (Probably since late 2005, early 2006) Schuyler put out her first album The Good Stuff in 2009 independently, and it's been some high sailing ever since for her. I was just glad she put out an album so I could listen to it on my ipod, (I had previously gotten an EP at one of her earrrrrlyyy shows at the Bowery Ballroom) She just released her second album, Blue Ribbon Winner and began a co headline a tour with the band Harper Blynn, who's music I wasn't familiar with.

It became a come hell or high water kind of situation for my friends and I to get to the show. A couple of days ago, I came down with a bad cold and sore throat. I could barely speak the other day (or yawn). On Schuyler's official facebook group, I said I couldn't wait to see her show, but does anyone know how to kick a cold's butt in 48 hours? People (Schuyler included) gave all kinds of advice. Everything from getting a new toothbrush, to airborne, to cold-eeze, to drinking lots of water, to this syrup that you're supposed to drink. Well I tried a bunch of it, (sans the syrup, because that just scared me, and sounded kinda gross) anddddd.....ta da! No more cold. No more sore throat by Thursday. I did lose my voice from time to time, but I continued to preserve it by not talking much.

The other situation? MOTHER NATURE. You know that saying, "When it rains, it pours?" Well it literally did. In the afternoon, it wasn't too bad, but at night, the rain and howling wind made it difficult for us to, at points, even walk. As I was opening the door to Joe's Pub, a gust of wind threw me backwards, and my things went every which way. some of the band members saw me, and were so kind by gathering up my purse and it's contents, including money.

But, let me back up a bit. We got into Penn Station by 1pm and made a day out of it by going to one of my friend's friend's apartments. Travis was kind enough to let us hang out with him until 7 (when he had to leave for work). We had lunch in. I was stunned to see just HOW much you could order in Manhattan. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you could ever want was on multiple menus in a leather binder Travis keeps. We decided on pizza. He payed for lunch, which I didn't expect, and was so grateful for. For most of the afternoon, we chatted and watched movies, until it was time to go. Travis gave me a huge hug and invited me to dinner. (He's a fantastic cook I'm told.)

Then, we got on the subway to head over to the venue. We passed the pub twice before someone pointed us in the right direction. Cranky, cold and a bit tired, we took our seats. All of that negative feeling went away once the show started:

Schuyler was lively and personable, immediately greeting everyone and giving us kudos for coming out in the storm. We broke into applause for ourselves. Then, she played the title track from her first album to kind of brighten the mood. She and the band joked that they almost didn't get there themselves! Driving in a van from Boston with their instruments, they encountered road rage. A couple of days ago, Schuyler decided to make some signs to pass he time and joke a bit. She would hold them up at passing cars. One sign read, "You're cute!" another: "Honk if you love musicians!" and if they were cut off, "Shame on you."

 Well I guess a driver that had cut them off didn't like that sign too much. Schuyler held it up and he preceded to try and run their van off the road at 70mph. Scary. "I didn't tell my mom that story," Schuyler said. "Sorry mom." Her mother was behind us, and I imagined she was horrified. (Too dark for me to totally tell, but I suspected it. I sure as hell would be.) Schuyler's mom is Sissy Spacek, but I often forget that, since Schuyler is talented in her own right in a completely different arena. The only time I remember is when I realize Schuyler kind of looks like her mom. (although not really petite. Schuyler towers over Sissy)

After Schuyler's hour long set was over, she told us to give it up for Harper Blynn who would be on in a few, and that she would say hi to everyone in the lobby after the show. We gave her wild applause, and I took a break to finally eat my food. (which was pretty good, but I was so excited that I didn't eat much)

When Harper Blynn came on, I felt a little left out. Everyone appeared to be excited, but I didn't know their music, couldn't sing along to any of the songs, and was overwhelmed. I'll confess that while I found them to be very talented, their music wasn't really my cup of tea. It seemed kind of New Agey to me, and the songs felt like they went on for too long. The majority of the songs were also slow.
When the show was over, I took to the lobby while a friend of mine went to the bar across the street. He wanted me to come with him, but I wanted merch, and I DID NOT want to get back in that rain again. I told him we would meet up, and I went into the lobby. Well wouldn't you know it, Schuyler was there just chatting away with people, as if they were all friends. I bought her album and a t-shirt, then decided to stick around. Right at the front of the line, a young woman and Schuyler were chatting.

Schuyler: "Yeah, this girl on Facebook mentioned she had been sick too. The post said something like, 'How do you kick a cold's butt in 48 hours? I gave her the advice that worked for me...I hope she's here.'"

Oh. My. God.


Did I mention I'm shy with strangers? Then I remembered what this blog was about. Trying new things. Being brave. I did something I would have never done two years ago. I spoke up.

"Um," I choked. "That was me."

Schuyler turned.
"You? OMG! YOU! HI!" She gave me a huge hug. It was surreal. "Stay right here okay?" She said cheerfully. "I'll be right back don't move!"
I didn't dare.
She signed autographs with others and took some pictures. Then she returned and pulled me aside.
"So how are you?" Second huge hug. "You're feeling better?" Schuyler asked.
"Yeah," I replied. "Every thing's gone."
"Thank you so SO much for coming tonight! Really. It couldn't have been easy to get here."
It wasn't/ I joked about what happened outside. She listened intently, then we proceeded to talk and laugh  for about 10 to 15 minutes until it was time for my train. She told me to come back anytime she was in town. I assured her that I would. I thanked her for being so kind.

And so, my reward for being soaking wet, having ruined uggs, and yes, deciding to meet new people and not be shy, was met. Schuyler didn't have to take the time to talk to me. And she certainly didn't have to worry about a stranger. But she did. From now on, I will always support her future endeavors. Thanks for being so nice Schuyler. Your momma raised you right.


  1. That is a completely AWESOME experience!!! Glad you're feeling better!

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  5. Ohhhh how exciting for you :)
    I love meeting favourite singers.
    One of mine asked me up on stage last year!!!!!

  6. Shelley and Anna and Cyn-Thank you! I'll check out your blogs too...right after I declog my nose. Feeling sooooo crappy.

    Hayley, this new being bold thing is really working for me!

    Carly-LUCKY. :D I have to check this out!

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  12. I love this story! I've been a fan of Schuyler's music for a few years now, I always put The Good Stuff on mix cds I make for friends. I'm glad she was so lovely in person, it's always nice to hear that!

  13. awww, i'm jealous!! wish i had a chance to see schuyler fisk live. i love her name and music!

  14. To the Rheinlanders- Thank you! I'll be stopping by!
    Shelby-I just had to tell this story. (I was on the trainride home thinking, "I can't wait to blog about this!") The Good Stuff is an album you blast in your car on a sunny day with the windows rolled down....or at least that's how I imagine radio doesn't work. SAD. lol)

  15. i think you look awesome with your new hairdo (then again, i haven't seen you in your old one) and don't be fooled - i have NO IDEA how to style my hair too most days. i just run my fingers through it and pretend like it's something out of a fashion magazine :p i think i look more like justin bieber coz of my colour! ugghh. i am regretting the fact that i cut my hair, if you can't already tell. especially since it was soooo long before!