Friday, March 4, 2011

Reactions to my Hawaii adventure.

I've had a wide array of feedback to my travel plans. I was afraid to tell some of my friends who I believed wouldn't react as well to my being gone for a long period.

Twin brother: Brother and I have always been close. We've shared a lot of things over the years. (Birthdays, ideas, happy and difficult moments) He hasn't really said it (well, not all of it), but I can tell he's not all that thrilled at the idea of my traveling and is concerned about the cost, considering my recent layoff. I expected this, since he's incredibly protective of me to a fault. I can always tell when Brother isn't thrilled. He gets very quiet and if you didn't know him any better, you'd probably think he was mad at you, but he isn't. That's just how he gets when he's worried. His concerns: Money, not being able to find a job when I get back while living with my friends and  not at home. (Which, I pointed out, was happening regardless of my traveling or not) "Will you be alone?" He asked. "Yeah," I answered. "Most of the time, but not always." I told him about (hopefully) finding a part time job. If not a part time job, volunteering, Plus, there's a lot to do in Hawaii anyway. Bottom line: I think he doesn't like the idea of my being 5,000 miles away. Oh and he'll miss me. I'll miss him too.

Dad and Stepmom: The rents' are thrilled, and are actually encouraging me regarding this adventure, even if I'm hesitant myself. (a wave of panic will still come over me on occassion, so there the ones that keep my feet on the ground.)

Best friend Erin: "Awesome enjoy every minute of it!"
Best friend Tana: " Yeah! Way to stick it to the man!" (Okay?)

Buddy Jason: Thought it was a bit reckless considering the job situation. He suggested I stay with him to save money, I told him that wouldn't be a good idea for either of us. I think he's slightly worried that I won't return, but I reassured him that I'm not leaving permanently, just for a little while. I can't afford to live in Hawaii full time anyway. (although that would be cool wouldn't it?)

Erin's amazing mom Ginny: "That should be awesome! Have a wonderful time!"

Brother in Law Dave: "Hey, if you don't go, then I'm just taking your you'd better go."

The best one of all though, was from my Aunt Michelle:
"I'm so proud of you! This is the best time to go! Think about it, few bills right now, no job at the moment, and you're single." I told her I'll be blogging about my adventures and if she would read it. She assured me she would, laughed and added to post blogs only "You and I would read." I laughed too. Then she added: "You've got wings now baby. Go fly."
I love you. 

Oh and I wanted to add this: When I was googling my trip through google maps by car (because there was no other option) I found this in the directions:

Not gonna lie, I laughed right out loud in the library.

Edited to add this:  "I just know you'll have a great time sis it'll be good for ya."-Brother through Facebook. Okay, now I can go. :)


  1. Wow, I am so psyched for you! Don't worry about what other people think. This will be the experience of a lifetime! (Not that you're supposed to care what I think ;-) Looking forward to reading blog posts about your adventures. I've been to Hawaii twice (I had friends that lived there) and it is gorgeous.

    Visiting from 31dbbb :-)

  2. Thank you for reading! I look forward to sharing my adventure with you all. I've been to Hawaii once when I was 17, but it was only for a brief time and I have a feeling I didn't fully comprehend the beauty at that stage in my life. I'll be looking forward to a lot more now. :)

  3. Google makes me laugh on a regular basis. Our last vacation, we did the maps via car, public tranportation, and walking. Good luck and enjoy the time traveling.

  4. What an amazing opportunity! I'm so jealous. :) I visited Hawaii once in high school, but like you said above, I'm sure I didn't truly appreciate everything about it. I would have loved the chance to go back and spend some time pretending to be a 'native'!

    I'm following your blog now and look forward to reading about your adventures. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words about me being a Mush-Head-Mom. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Jacki, I should try Google maps via "walking to Hawaii" and see what it comes up with. ;) Mickey you're so welcome! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog in the forum I just discovered. It gives me a chance to read fantastic blogs by women who have all kinds of stories to share. Thank you both for reading. :)

  6. I guess you should bring your kayak, huh? ;-) I think this sounds like an amazing adventure. I'm a bit envious. I'm just counting on getting a grant to study somewhere in the UK for a couple months. I'm with the others. Do it, now! Take it from someone a little older. You won't regret it!

  7. Thank you! (I'm seriously thinking of renting a kayak when I get there. I know you can take lessons at any rate) I hope you get your grant to study in the UK. My brother and his girlfriend went to Europe for 3 months (The UK included) and they said it was the best trip they've ever been on. Thanks for reading, I'll be continuing to follow your adventures as well. :)

  8. I just think this is so great. I kinda think now or never. Not that you wouldn't be able to go at another time but lets face it, once you add a husband and kids into the mix, your chances of having a long exotic vacation are slim. Go now!

  9. You're so right Hayley! :) I'm starting to feel more confident and excited now.

  10. thanks for your comment,i'm following you back:)

  11. This will be a spectacular experience! I should have done something like this when I was in my twenties. Now I'll be doing it in my fifties (yikes!) Take a deep breath and jump!

  12. My question is-are you driving across the U.S.? Your map looks like you are leaving from Seattle, not LA. What is this part of the trip? I think it is great. You only live once. Go Girl!

  13. Hi Marjory!

    I'll be flying to Hawaii. :) I only screencaped Google Maps just to show point A to point B. The flying section of google maps wouldn't let me Google from NJ to Hawaii for some reason. Driving across the US would be so fun! But unfortuntely, it's just not in the budget right now for me to rent a car (RV maybe?), drive out, then fly. (My 1998 Chevy would probably die mid trip. Hah.)

  14. Thanks Christine! Are you going to Hawaii too? Or to another area? Either way, enjoy your trip! Twenties or fifties it's never too late to take a deep breath and jump! My Great Aunt Nancy went on a cruise to the Bahamas at 82! :)

  15. I think too many females while they are single think only of how much fun they'll have once they are married with children, but they don't think about all the freedom they have to just pick up and go anywhere at anytime without thinking about someone else being effected. That was me. I hope you enjoy your adventure and find much happiness and education in it. Isn't Google funny!
    We got to go to Hawaii a few years ago and we can't stop thinking of going back. We just loved it.