Friday, May 13, 2011

Catching up

I know my posts have been lacking a bit of substance lately. I apologize for that. I promise to visit more landmarks soon. Last Sunday (Mother's Day) was the Honolulu Pet Expo. Man do people here love their pets! I attended the Honolulu Dog and Puppy Show, met with vendors, and just had a great time playing with the dogs.

Through the vendors, I met with the Oahu SPCA, and I begin volunteering/working there on May 21st. I'm really excited about that.

I'll confess around Sunday I started not feeling too well. Just kind of woozy and tired. I wasn't sure what it was since I've been eating well, but I'm chalking it up to being exhausted. Storms have been hitting the islands as of late. (It's been raining off and on for about two weeks now) On Tuesday, as I looked out and saw the downpour around me, I decided to make a quick trip to the store, buy several days worth of food, and just cook. I relaxed. I read. I watched The Fighter on Blu-ray, and most of all, I slept.

And slept.
And slept some more.
Then I cleaned the apartment.
Then I did laundry.
Then I watched House Hunters while battling a headache.
Rinse, repeat.

Over the next few days, I ran basic errands, talked to the neighbors and hung out with new friend Pai across the street, but I didn't do much else.

I realized today that before I took a break, I had been going (and walking, walking, walking) since April 12th. I didn't even take much of a breather when I first got here. Maybe it was needed. But even as I slowed down, I still learned new things. For one thing, I discovered I like cooking. It's really weird that I enjoy cooking and taking on the challenge of making food, because I don't really like...eating. Now make no mistake, I don't have an eating disorder or anything, but besides ice cream, and popcorn, food was never exciting for me. I say "was" because now I love making things and it's more motivating for me to try new food if I make it myself. I also enjoy seeing Auntie enjoy what I make. After long hours at work, and finals in grad school, I'm glad I can help her out by making a meal. She loved my hot pepper and chicken stir fry, and I was shocked how it turned out. Over the last two days, my dinners have been simple as hell. Sausage and peppers (mine without, because I've just had enough) and spaghetti and breaded fish fillets. (The kind you find in the frozen section. No shame.)

After dinner, I usually played with Kitty.

Her name is Daylight and she's adorable. She greets me all dramatic when I walk in the door in the evenings. ("MOWWWWWW" Translation: "Why would you leave meeeee?!?') She also follows me everywhere, even in the bathroom. She currently is holding a grudge against Auntie, since Auntie  hasn't been home a lot lately. I feel bad. (but secretly, worshiped)

As for today? Surprise, surprise, I feel great again, and the sun is back out! Time to get a move on.


  1. I LOVE your blog! I am a new follower from the blog hop! Hope you will come follow me back! Thank you.

  2. No problem! Thanks for the complment! :)

  3. Kitty is so cute. My cat was just at my door meowing to me let in--she knows it's bed time.

    I read this one article and could instantly relate--called Adult Picky Eater disorder. So, apparently, I have an eating disorder. You're a picky eater, right? I think we should celebrate the fact that we only eat good food!

  4. Isn't kitty adorable? I'll admit I'm not a cat person (more a dog person) but I'm so fond of her. In the beginning, she'd meow and meow at me to play, then I'd bring out her toys and she'd just stare at me. I swear she was laughing on the inside. Your kitty sounds presh.

    There's a disorder called "adult picky eater?" Wow! ~*the more you know*~ You're a picky eater too? WHOOT. Finally I meet someone else! :) I'm a majorly picky eater. It kind of goes beyond that though I think. I have major texture issues with food. I have trouble chewing anything I consider "squishy". Jello, gum, gummy bears, pancakes....also, veggies (and some fruit) tastes very bitter to me. You know what? Screw a nutrionist...I think I'll just celebrate that I love ice cream cake! It's cheaper. ;)

  5. Yeah, sounds like you just needed a rest. It sounds very pleasant.

  6. It really is very pleasant. Auntie's apartment is pretty quiet for a place smack in the middle of the city. There's a pool as well.