Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sticker Shock!

Want to live in paradise?

That's nice.

 But there's a minor thing that you have to consider first before even making the jump here for a long vacation:
EVERYTHING is expensive. And I do mean every. thing.
Remember those pesky gas prices where you are? The prices that stand at around $3.91 a gallon or something? Try, $4.49 at the cheapest. To compare, here you go.



That's not even the worst. Here's Maui:

Think the food store is any better? Oh, not at all my friend.

This is the price of milk at home:

Keep in mind that this is NOT store brand so it's more expensive. Now onto milk in Hawaii, which is store brand (and on sale)

How about that Tide you need for laundry? Hmmmmm? Well, well, well....let's see shall we?


This is on sale, with your card.

Honolulu....(also on sale, with card)

How about some fruit? (Is healthy cheaper? I dare to dream?)



Snacks you say? You want snacks? Well, we'll give it a shot. Can't promise you anything.

I think you're getting the idea. So, in conclusion, I guess living in Hawaii is feasible...if you plan accordingly. Or you're rich. That'd be nice too. I know one thing: If I move out here one day Chevy, you're NOT coming with me. Don't get me wrong, you're a sweet car, but I'd abandon you.


  1. Yeah. That is crazy. Too much, too much. Makes me angry. But, Hawaii (and Alaska) are a long way from the manufacturer. I understand, but I still don't like it.

  2. I still don't like it either, although I could understand Hawaii's logic a little more. I mean, we're 3,000 miles from the mainland. But Alaska? I loved your Alaska stories and pictures, but it sure is expensive to live simply and away from highly populated areas.