Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vlog at Manoa Falls!

Yup, I'm alive.
This was supposed to be a much prettier post, but since embedding a video to Blogger has become a huge hassle (along with everything else on this site lately) I can only post the link. Anyway, Auntie and I travel to Manoa Falls. More details on the hike to come.

And....apparently I'm struggling with posting pictures now too. Seriously Blogger? EAT ME.


  1. That is SO beautiful. What a wildly, awesome opportunity you have there!

    Blogger has been giving me trouble too. In order to post pictures, first I have to upload them to picasa on the web ( and then when I am doing a post, I choose upload photos as usual, then choose "upload from picasa web albums". Good luck. I don't know about videos.

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  5. Thanks Hayley! I'll give that a try. The hike was truly beautiful, and it was an opprotunity I couldn't pass up.

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