Friday, May 13, 2011

Thrift store finds! :)

Last week, I was searching around the island ENDLESSLY for yarn. Mother's Day was coming, and since my stepmom Lynda recently took to knitting, I wanted to buy her some fun, summer like, Hawaii colors.
It was harder then I thought.

You see, I guess a lot of locals don't really knit around here. (It makes sense. Why would you want to knit using heavy material when it's always 80 degrees?) I finally found three knitting stores advertised online.

The first one took most of the day to find. It was a little hole in the wall type of yarn store located in the business district. To my dismay I found this sign:

"Due to illness, my yarn store will be closed starting March 29th. I hope to be back open in July. I apologize for the inconvenience. Mahalo!"

Discouraged, I got back on the bus. As I was heading to Waikiki, I noticed we were passing a giant building that read THRIFT STORE. I immediately pulled the cord to let the driver know I was getting off. My mom used to scourer thrift stores all the time in hopes of finding good deals and treasures. Garage sales and yard sales were a sport as well. There were plenty in Ohio. Not so much in New Jersey, but I realized quickly that I inherited my mother's love for crap. You always go in and hope that you find that one special treasure. I figured I might find yarn there. I didn't, but I found just about everything else. Like a kid in a candy store, I pawed through shirts, skirts, and shoes. None of the shoes were small enough, and pants, shorts and skirts were too big. But once I got to the shirts and tank tops, I was in heaven. Most of the shirts/tanks were never worn and had tags still on them. All were $3-$10 dollars each. I haggled gently, telling the seller that I knew the clothes were last season's fashions, (they really weren't) and that none of the shirts were worth ten dollars. I got all of my things for $3 each. All fit well. I knew the red shirt would look great with my leggings.

These two tanks below were from Express. I usually see them for $40.

The final top below I just guessed would fit me well. It did.

Not bad for under $20! Now THAT'S how you get clothes while traveling on a tight budget. And y'all at home wanted me to get clothes before I left. HAH.

I did eventually find a yarn store, and Lynda did get her Mother's Day gift today. Win, win for all yes?
Mom would be proud.


  1. Wow! That is exactly what I am doing today. My mother and older sis love goodwills! I typically NEVER go to them but my mom and sis get a lot of good deals there. I finally decited to go to one because everything in their store is in stock and everything is 75 percent off because they are turning it into a training station. I spent $7.49 and this is what I got 17 vhs(ya i still buy them and watch them occasionally) and a brand new-w/taggs still attatched calvin klein sweater for my two year old. i also got a old navy sweater and plaid shirts for my two youngest sons. They also have a section full of brand new products. tomorrow is their last day so im gunna go later and try find some good deals!

  2. Go! Isn't it great? I think a lot of people are skeeved about hand me downs, but it's worth it when nothing LOOKS like hand me downs you know? Also, by law (at least here) clothes have to be washed with a heavy duty industeral washer and dryer and steamed, so you don't have dirty clothes. This is great to do if you have kids. :) Why pay full price when you know they'll outgrow brand new clothes tomorrow? $7.49 for clothes and 17 movies?!? Not bad at all! :)